Craig's Mobile DJ Income Calculator

How many events do you DJ at per month/year?  
Per year
Per month
There are 52 weeks in a year.
How much do you charge on average per event?$
How much does it cost you to DJ an event?$Expenses such as gas for sales and planning meetings, planning booklets, gas for getting to the event, equipment wear and tear, special music purchases, paying staff, equipment rental, custom monogram gobos, fog juice, etc.
How many hours of work do you put into one event, on average?  This includes things like time spent answering phone calls and emails from the client, having sales and planning meetings with the client, writing a script, rehearsing, getting special music, creating custom mixes, equipment setup, the actual event, teardown, travel time and follow-up.
What are your fixed weekly/monthly/annual expenses?$
Per year
Per month
Per week
These are expenses that you incur no matter how many events you do, such as trade assosociation membership, bridal shows, marketing, advertising, insurance costs, music licensing costs, equipment depreciation and upgrades, expenses for sales meetings that don't close, web hosting, business cards, etc. Remember, setting this number higher allows your business to grow faster!

If you have an alternative revenue stream that you wish to factor in, you can set a negative value in this field.
How many hours of work do you put into your business weekly/monthly/annually regardless of your number of bookings?
Per year
Per month
Per week
This should include time commitments such as DJ training, conferences, networking, bridal shows, marketing, advertising, equipment maintenance, tax paperwork, answering the phone, sales meetings that don't close, etc.

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Social security is calculated at 15.3%.
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